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TopWater Lures


Welcome to my topwater lures page. This is by far most every fishermans favorite way to catch bass. I know I love it when a big ol sow blows up on one of mine making my heart stop. As always Im going to only list a few to begin with and then add on later. So if your favorite one isnt here Ill probably get around to it, or you can email me and let me know what you would like for me to add. I value peoples input and welcome it. I hope you enjoy your visit.


This is a white buzzbait made by Sniper Lures. Buzzbaits are probably my favorite topwater bait to use. Bass just try to kill these baits. I like to use them around cover such as timber and hydrilla. They work almost year round here in Texas. This particular brand is made with strong wire, strong hook and a good blade. I like it, and will continue to buy more in the future.


This is a zara spook, which is a great lure for big bass, and works great for calling up bass from deep water. I like to use the "blue shore minnow" color in clear water using the "walk the dog" technique. The zara spook also works well in stained water too and is a good bait to put a lunker in your boat. I use a clip to tie onto this bait, it helps walking it. I have tried other brands of this cigar type lure and have found no match for the original Zara. Its strong hooks, great color patterns and its design continue to make it a fantastic lure.


This is a Rebel Pop-r, another great bait for calling up deep bass. A good technique for this bait is to throw it out and let it sit for a minute or so, then just barely twitch it. I like to use them around timber in deep water to catch bass that are suspended. I recently caught around 30 bass this way on a weekend trip to lake fork. The bass were as small as 1 pound, and the biggest weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces. Another good way to use this bait, is to twitch it fairly fast and make it skip along spitting water in every direction. It imitates a shad on the surface, and can draw some savage strikes. A good time to use this technique are when the bass are schooling and chasing shad.


Here is the famous slug-go, although not a topwater lure completely, I figured it would be a good category to put it in. This bait is very weedless, and can be fished on the surface or if you rig it with a nail and it will sink. Its not a hard bait to use, just twitch it and let it do its thing. It looks like a dying fluttering baitfish, and bass just eat it up. I like to use hot pink mostly, it has always caught fish for me.

Chug Bug

This is a rattlin chug-bug made by storm, it works pretty much the same as the pop r but does act a little different. I like to use this bait when I want to skip the bait along pretty fast immitating a fleeing shad. It doesnt seem to make as loud a "blurp" as the pop r. The color shown is probably my favorite color to use in a chug bug.

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