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Kennys Hunting Page

Welcome to my hunting page. I love to deer hunt mostly, but I also hunt dove,quail,turkey and hogs. Here in Texas we have plenty of all these so I try to go and get some meat for the deep freeze. I will be doing alot to these pages in the future, so be sure to check back often. Enough said hope you enjoy it, and if you have comments or suggestions, email me. Also dont forget to sign my guestbook, I like to hear from ya'll.

10 Point Buck

This is me with a nice 10 point buck I killed in South Texas. I was in a ground blind and shot him at around 50 yards. He field dressed at 140lbs and had a 21" spread. I shot this deer at around 10:30 am on December 15th.

8 Point Buck

Here I am again, but with an 8 pointer. I shot this buck on a hunt in December 99 in South Texas. This buck didnt have the biggest set of horns but he was a heavy deer and I had alot of fun on the hunt.

Dillons First Buck

This is my nephew Dillon and his first deer. He killed this 8 pointer on a hunt I took him to in central texas. I sat in the blind with him, but he spotted and shot the buck himself at around 100 yards. I was very proud of him and he was pretty thrilled to get a buck on his first hunt.

Javelina in S. Texas

This a javelina I killed in South Texas. Pictured with me is my uncle Robert. I shot this javelina from a ground blind. These are very numerous in south texas and are good to eat, as they have real lean meat. They do have sharp tusks and you have to be careful around them.

Kennys 8 Pointer

Here is my best friend Kenny with a 8 point buck he killed in south texas. This was his first real buck and he was very proud of it. He shot it at around 300 yards, and it field dressed around 120 pounds. Pictured with him is my dad.

Group with Kennys 8 Pointer

This is Kennys 8 point buck again. Pictured with him is my dad on the left and me on the right. It was a cold december day when he shot this buck.Pictured in the background is our "hunting jeep", we used the surburban because it has a good heater for those cold days.

Dad in Colorado

This is a picture of my dad on a horse of all things. We went to colorado to hunt elk with a bunch of friends. It had to be the most miserable time Ive ever had. It snowed all 7 days we were there and the only elk we saw was one a guy had shot and was leaving with. Although the weather was horrible, I did get to spend time with my dad, and I did like that part of it.

Lynn and Widgeon

This is a pic of my friend Lynn and his Lab Widgeon. They were hunting west of Plainview Texas. Lynn said his lab did very well for her second season. Also on the trip was lynns wife and his brother, they killed 9 pheasant, and 6 chukar in all, sounds like they had alot of fun. Lynn also said his lab doubles as a duck retriever. Wonder if she is getting double pay for all this extra duty?

Well I hope you enjoyed my hunting page. I will be adding more to this page as time allows.

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