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Hardbaits and Crankbaits

Well here we go with the hardbaits and crankbaits. I have many of these type baits and fish them quite a bit. Most of these baits are "hunters". What I mean by this is they are good baits for seeking out the most aggressive bass. You can cover alot of water with them in a short amount of time and they do catch big fish. As usual I only have a handful listed, and I will be adding different ones from time to time. If you would like to see a certain one listed feel free to email me or put it in my guestbook and Ill try to add it for you.

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Rattle Trap

Im starting out with the world famous rattletrap made by Bill Lewis. This is my favorite color to use, its the bleeding shiner color. I have caught countless numbers of bass on this bait and its usually tied on one of my rods for a tournament or even if Im fishing for fun. I like to use the 3/4 ounce model alot, I feel the bigger bait will catch the bigger fish. I only use this brand of rattling bait cause it is simply the best. The vibration and sound this bait puts out is second to none in my opinion. I have many colors and sizes of this lure and have a whole tacklebox devoted to this lure. It isnt a hard lure to use and it will catch bass when others are being ignored. Schooling bass cant resist this bait, and you can catch alot of them in a hurry.

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Bagleys DB3

Here is the Bagleys DB3 in the tennessee shad color (which happens to be my favorite color in this bait). While this bait doesnt have rattles in it like the rattletrap, I have added rattles to it. I also have another in the same color which I didnt do this to. This bait always runs true and gets down deep in a hurry. I like to get it down to the bottom and just crawl it along trying to keep it in contact with the bottom and anything else that is there. If I run it into something I will pause it and then begin my retrieve again. This is usually when a big ol bass will nail it. The big lip on the front of this lure helps get it down fast and it also helps it bounce off of structure so dont be afraid to throw it anywhere. It wont hang up as much as you might think.

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Poes Super Cedar

This is the Poes Super Cedar 400 in the white color which isnt made anymore as far as I know. I like to use this bait when the water is colder, it doesnt have the action that a plastic bait does and moves along slowly just like baitfish does when the water is a little colder. The big lip helps it bump off the cover too and this lure goes down to 18ft.

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Brush Baby

This is the Brush Baby in "Texas Red". This particular crankbait is unique in that it has little "brush cams" on the lip and the body. The lure is very buoyant and I have found it to be pretty snag resistent as well. They come with razor sharp VMC wide gap hooks and a variety of colors. As you can tell so far Im not that particular about the brands of crankbaits I use, just the rattletrap.

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Suspending Thunderstick

This is the Storm Suspending Thunderstick in Tennessee Shad. While this isnt a crankbait, it more or less fits the hardbait category. Storm has the best jerkbaits on the market, they run true no matter how hard you jerk them. I sometimes use the suspend strips or dots on this lure even though it already suspends, it just depends on how deep Im fishing it. I like to jerk this bait pretty hard most of the time, using the stop and go method, but if that isnt working I try to let the bass tell me how they want it, so Ill keep trying different retrieves.

Well that is it for now, Ill be adding new ones later on so be sure to check back.

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